Improve Conversion Rates Across Your Entire Site

Easily the most complete A/B testing and conversion rate optimization software for WordPress.

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Visit the WordPress.org page for this plugin at https://www.wordpress.org/plugins/marketing-optimizer/

More Testing than Other Plugins

Landing Pages

Use the built-in starter templates to begin testing your landing pages, or create a custom page that perfectly matches your site to test.

Standard WordPress Pages

It isn’t just your landing pages that need to be optimized. Your home page, pricing page, and any page that promotes your product or service can be easily tested.


CTAs live all over nearly every website, but few are running tests to see which CTAs get clicked the most. The Marketing Optimizer for WordPress plugin includes the ability to create and test unlimited calls-to-action.

Pop-Ups (Overlays)

We don’t use conventional popups anymore. Instead, we use overlays to entice newsletter subscriptions, content downloads, and other impulse-interactions. The plugin includes the ability to rotate and split test your overlays.

This Plugin is Free!

No subscription to any Marketing Optimizer plan is required.

It’s a standalone conversion rate optimization plugin that can be used without any cost.
Subscribers of any Marketing Optimizer plan can use this plugin to automatically integrate all the testing data with lead and sales data, creating a more meaningful report on actual test ‘winners’ and ‘losers.’

Run reports on revenue, sales, and ROI on a per-variation basis.