Berlin and Denys – Blue Cross and Blue Shield

As our agency began our analysis of lead management software, we determined that there were three basics goals which we wanted to achieve:

  • Provide an online, state-of-the-art software product to our agents in the field to allow them to track, disposition, and communicate with leads on a more timely and efficient basis than our current paper-based process
  • Provide the agency the ability to determine which lead sources were most cost-effective
  • Comply with a Blue Cross Blue Shield directive that requires us to export lead disposition data back to the Blue Cross Blue Shield main offices

    Our agency went through a thorough evaluation process in selecting the Marketing Optimizer system. We had telephone conversations with probably six different software providers, had demonstrations from three of them, and went through a trial usage period with two of them. Our decision to select Marketing Optimizer ultimately came down to our determination that the product would meet our needs as previously described and to our comfort level in working with the Marketing Optimizer staff. We have been extremely pleased with the support which Marketing Optimizer has provided to us. Their support staff is very friendly, very professional, and extremely knowledgeable about their product.


We have found answers to our questions and/or solutions to our problems on virtually the first call every time. They were very helpful and generous with their time as we went through our initial implementation of the product and the roll-out to our agents. Our agency has been “live” on the system for almost two months now and we are totally satisfied that we have met our business objectives with the use of the Marketing Optimizer product.

-Gerard S. Denys Vice, President Berlin & Denys – Contracting General Agency for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

C’s Exteriors, Inc.

“After 15 years of manually thumbing through thousands of open leads, I signed my company up with Marketing Optimizer and it has single-handedly improved how our company inputs, tracks and closes customer leads. We now track EVERY lead easily, accurately, and completely with the system. We are completely satisfied and have a very positive relationship with the support staff (they’re great) who always go the extra mile to make sure that we have success. I highly recommend Marketing Optimizer for anyone looking for lead management software.”

-Clay Schreder, President C’s Exteriors, Inc.

High 5 Software

“The responsive and helpful tech support at Marketing Optimizer did all the setup and configuration for us, so getting up and running was totally painless. Now, with our new Marketing Optimizer lead management system I know where my best leads are coming from, and I can easily monitor the ROI of each campaign. The information in the Campaign Performance Report is invaluable information for our business, and alone is worth the price of the system.”

-Jo Masterson, Director of Marketing High 5 Software

Danceworks, Inc.

“I was just going through my site and thinking about how useful the Marketing Optimizer site is. We love lead management tools, and our clients love the online registration forms. Marketing Optimizer has given us a hand up, made our work easier, and the whole process easier for our clients.”

-Martin Gregory, IT Manager Danceworks, Inc.