CRM and Marketing Automation Platform

Unify your sales and marketing teams when you integrate your CRM and marketing automation software.

Lead Capture

Automatically capture all your leads into your account.

Marketing optimizer provides you with lead capture forms to automatically send all the leads you generate into your account. We capture all the behavior associated with the lead before and after the lead is generated, too.

Lead Distribution

Send leads to the right rep at the right time.

Intelligently distribute leads based on the lead data, campaign data, and even call data. Ensure that your leads are always sent to the perfect sales agent at the perfect time. 

Campaign Tracking 

Track real customer-acquisition-cost (CAC).

Campaign tracking in marketing automation typically stops at a cost-per-lead metric, but when you add lead management and marketing automation you are able to collect actual sales and connect that sales data back to the marketing expense for a true customer-acquisition-cost.