Refresh your email marketing practices
to generate and close more prospects.

Email communication

Creating a Plan

The first step of an effective email communication is to have basic standards, and it should go by company-wide and be followed by everyone. A great way to make it easier for your company and sales team in particular is to implement a basic template that every employee must use. 

Use automation for email communication

Email Automation

There is a lot of value in using your marketing automation software to speed up, track, and improve your email marketing. It will certainly increase the quality of the leads passed to your sales team. You will learn everything about email automation in this guide.

Email communication

Best Practices

It is recommended that you have a robust marketing automation software with email integration built right in; at minimum an email add-on to your current system. Being consistent with your prospects and clients is one of the key practices of a compelling email communication. In the eBook, you will find all the best practices of an effective email communication.

You will find inside:

  • How to create a plan. 
  • Email Automation.
  • The best Email Communication Practices.
  • Before you hit send.


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