A/B Testing System with Call Tracking

Optimize your landing pages, calls-to-action, WordPress pages and more.

Testing for Calls

Automatic integration of call tracking in your A/B tests.

For most businesses, there is no better lead than an inbound call, but most testing suites don’t even consider adding phone calls to their test results. Marketing Optimizer allows you to track the results of your tests based on the number of total leads, web form submissions, or phone calls your test generates. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

More leads and more phone calls almost immediately.

The single most important factor in the success of your digital marketing is, perhaps, a great landing page. Creating variations of your landing pages using the information you learn about your visitors as you market your business generates an almost immediate improvement in cost-per-lead.

Sales as the Test KPI 

Improve actual sales and revenue, not just leads.

Unlike other A/B testing platforms, Marketing Optimizer is capable of determining the winner of a test not just by tracking engagement or leads, but by determining which variation actually leads to a sale. 

WordPress Plugin

The easiest and most complete A/B testing suite for WordPress.

With templates to test WordPress pages, landing pages, overlays, and calls-to-action there is no more complete testing plugin for WordPress. All that data is sent automatically back to Marketing Optimizer and integrated into your web analytics, call tracking and contact data. No marketing automation suite comes close to the level of integration Marketing Optimizer has with WordPress websites.

View the WordPress Plugin

Visit the WordPress.org page for this plugin at https://www.wordpress.org/plugins/marketing-optimizer/