Automate Repetitive Marketing Tasks 

Automated marketing optimization. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it will change your business.

Email automation

It’s Like Having Extra Employees

Your sales team doesn’t have to worry about which email to send, or when to send it. They don’t have to worry about where the lead is in the sales pipeline. Marketing Optimizer takes care of everything in the background, like an extra employee, so your sales team can focus on what they do best—making sales.

Real-time lead filtering

Qualify Leads with Confidence

Automatically perform real-time lead filtering, dispositioning and distribution. Marketing Optimizer checks each lead’s data for required or excluded characteristics, allowing you to weed out all the leads that aren’t qualified to be your client.

Enhance the data you have. Our address validation service will add zip+4 and correct any misspellings in the address. Marketing Optimizer can even get a name and address from just a phone number.

  • Comprehensive Data Validation and Enhancement
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Reverse telephone lookup

Automate Eveything

Anything You Can Do Manually, You Can Automate

Automate more than just marketing. Whether it’s moving leads through your sales pipeline, scheduling an appointment or distributing a brochure, Marketing Optimizer has it handled. Perfectly time and automatically target the content and messages in your outbound marketing to individual leads in your pipeline by tracking and responding to their inbound actions and online behaviors.

Communicate with sales leads, customers and staff in all the ways they expect—and maybe some they don’t. Automatically send new lead and sales notifications to your team in real-time via:

  • Screen-pop
  • Email
  • SMS text message
  • Phone call


Nurture Your Leads From Prospect Into Closed Business

You won’t have to worry about losing another sales lead due to neglect. Your prospects will notice that you haven’t forgotten about them, and your customers will appreciate the way your sales team stays in touch.


First, Introduce Yourself to Your Future Client

The first communication with a sales lead is almost always via an auto-response email. Your prospects will be pleasantly surprised when it arrives appearing like a real human took the time to send a personalized message.

This is possible with one of our pre-built email templates or a custom email template that you create. It’s better than your prospects expect, and your response rates will reflect it.

CTA: See Your Email Templates


Then Remind Them Why They Love You

Sending regular emails to your prospects and clients is a great way to make sure that when they think about the products or services you provide that you are the provider they expect to use. This top-of-mind recognition is an important part of branding and lends credibility to your business and offerings.


Make Sure Your Qualified Leads Think of You First

Respond to all your inquiries quickly, with messages specifically tailored to the lead. Your business will be top-of-mind, so when your prospect is ready to purchase they come to you first, and you will be ready with all the information you need to close the sale.


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