Know All About Your Leads When They Call

Automatically Creates and Update Leads Every inbound call is a new lead, and it’s one that comes along with complete behavioral and demographic data. You will know every interaction the caller has had with your website and with your sales staff while they move through the sales process, enabling you to optimize your marketing investments.

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Marketing Automation

Track Response Rates

Track all your advertisement response rates accurately

It’s easy to track response rates from web form submissions and online signups, but now you have the ability to combine those responses with inbound telephone responses to give yourself the real numbers from your advertising.

Simply provision yourself a new phone number (just a couple clicks in your account) for each campaign. Assign the campaign to the phone number (again, just a click or two), and then publish that phone number in your advertisements.

NEW! Complete web analytics from every phone call, as well as complete caller information. When a visitor calls in, your sales team will see all their web activity, all their sales history, and any contact information associated with the caller’s phone number.

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Campaign Tracking

Campaign-specific numbers make on and offline campaign tracking a breeze.

Copy and paste the Dynamic Phone Number Publishing Code on your website wherever you want the phone number to appear, and the visitor will see the phone number associated with the campaign that brought them to your website. This is perfect for tracking lead-generation activities for:

  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Banner ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Multiple domains
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    Call Routing

    Send inbound calls straight to the person assigned to the lead.

    Inbound calls can be routed directly to the person with which the lead last spoke, saving your time and improving the experience for your customers and prospects. The contact in your system will automatically be updated with the inbound call and how long the call lasted. This way, you will always know when the lead last called in, and be able to take action based on each callers behavior.

    Closed Loop Client Tracking
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