Track Events and Create Intelligent Automations

Every Event is a Piece of Actionable Data Collect actionable data by objectively tracking subjective interactions between sales and prospects and entering information that may not always be easy to connect, like calls made from cell phones, or meetings on the street.

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Go Beyond Just Leaving Notes

Leaving subjective notes about your interactions with leads is important for the sales process, but acting appropriately and automatically on those notes requires the use of Events. Enter those interactions you deem worthwhile into the system through a simple drop-down menu. With it, you have extra data on which you can activate targeted marketing automations, run detailed reports, and keep track of what went on so your sales team will stay informed.

Make Your Notes Measurable

When your team tells the system what actually happened, it can then begin to target automations directly at not just the demographics of a lead, but also the psychographics and details of things said during conversations. Any piece of data you want to give the system, but can’t be captured automatically, can be entered in as a custom event. These events can then be measured based on how many interactions you’ve had, and what type of interactions have performed the best.
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Know the History of Your Communication

Knowing how you got the lead to convert can often be as important as the conversion itself, and adding events creates a chronological, easily analyzed process of your sales team’s interactions with that lead. Want to know how many times you have left a message? How about how long it’s been since you got verbal commitment from a lead? The Events in Marketing Optimizer go beyond just leaving notes. The system aims to track every piece of data possible to improve decision making, and sometimes data is created that just doesn’t have a technology equivalent (like a ‘Verbal Commitment’ given on the telephone). Streamline Your Note TakingForget typing out every note for each of your interactions, especially if those interactions repeat often. Mark events based on a list of the most important interactions, and it will be marked with one click. No more extended, repetitive notes that eat into your time but do not provide the productivity boost that you have with the events feature. Free Trial, Cancel Any Time Start Tracking Events!