Automated Drip Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Done Right

Email marketing is the most used and loved tool in Marketing Optimizer. Engage with your customers and prospects by sending them targeted, readable, and friendly communications when they expect them. Talk to your customers about what they are interested in (what a concept!), when they are interested in it. Marketing Optimizer has all the tools to take care of making sure your sales team can easily handle the flow of inbound responses sales activity.

It’s This Easy!

Create and save customized emails and email templates that you can use for your drip email campaigns, and for one-time emails. Once created, simply select a lead and then select an email template (or better yet, have the system automatically send it for you). You no longer have to send mass emails with an email client, nor do you have to send your lead list to a separate piece of software to send and manage emails. By having email templates available to be sent automatically as-is, or to use as the starting point for a message to a contact with whom you just spoke, you are going to be sending a lot more emails (that’s a good thing).