Call Tracking for Marketing Automation

Trigger marketing automations based on call, website, and traditional marketing data.

Sales Team Empowerment

Know what your leads are interested in before they tell you.

Attached to every inbound call is all the behavioral data associated with that prospect. This means your team will know every page they browsed on your website, what campaign drove them, how many times they have called before… Everything you need to close the sale.

Dynamic Number Insertion 

Track the entire visitor journey.

By providing each visitor to your website with their own phone number, you will be able to track all their activity before and after they make their first phone call. You will know all their interactions with your website, including campaign attribution, pageviews, and feedback form submission.

Call Recording

Learn more about your prospects, and coach your sales team.

Learning more about your prospects, their most frequent objections, and  their most frequent requests, will empower your marketing team to more effectively tailor your marketing material to match your market. Your sales team will begin to excel as they listen to their own phone calls and receive coaching from leadership to help fine-tune their pitch.

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