Know exactly what you need to do and for whom

The task manager is an at-a-glance view of what you have going on today, this week, and this month. It’s flexible, easy-to-use, and simply effective. You can also just pop up your dashboard anywhere in the system and see this same information in a format that works beautifully in a dashboard module (or two).

Never create another task

The system will do it for you. Simply give the system a few criteria for when you want a task to be created, and it will create that task on-the-fly whenever needed. Just configure it once, and it will keep your team on-task and working efficiently without forcing them to waste their limited time going through the tedious process of making sure the tasks are all created. All they will have to do is check their calendar for unfinished tasks, and make sure they all get done.

Real-time notifications so no tasks are forgotten

When a task is nearing it’s due date the the task management system will send out real-time notifications via email, text message, and even a pop-up message within the system reminding you that the task has to be looked at.