The Credit Card Solution – Financial CRM Software Case Study

“The Credit Card Solution was established to offer consumers and their families a legal, moral, and ethical solution to the overwhelming problem of credit card debt.Not only do we offer what we believe to be the absolute best option for those burdened with a mountain of credit card debt, our main goal is to work with clients in the most honest, straightforward, and professional manner so that we can represent our name, as well as yours, proudly.”


The Need

The Credit Card Solution first made contact with Marketing Optimizer when they were expanding their sales force. There was a immediate need to find one solution for all of their agents to access no matter the region. The ability for the software to integrate with their websites and capture leads from multiple sources was a must. After those leads were captured the next step was for them to be delegated in a automated fashion to their agents due to the region that the lead was located in. Management had to then be able to track each of their agents leads so as to not let any potential sales go neglected.

“Support was a very important need for our crm to work, when challenges come up you do well with addressing our problems.”

– Bob Lindsey The Credit Card Solution

The Implementation

All of the needs for The Credit Card Solution were met. Leads are now captured on multiple sites and delegated in a automated process to their agents across the country due to the location of the lead. Reporting on each of the advertising campaigns, their user performance, and the sales pipe line is now a real time feature for management team at The Credit Card Solution.

“Over all I felt pretty good about the process. I was glad that we were receiving good support the whole way through the implementation of our software.”

– Bob Lindsey The Credit Card Solution

The Credit Card Solution’s implementation was as expected a smooth streamlined process. Marketing Optimizer had no trouble communicating with lead vendors to direct leads to The Credit Card Solution account. Marketing Optimizer delivered a product ahead of schedule and with full functionality.


“Overall I fell that the results were good. I am not doing the work by hand. I now have a system that can manage my growing business. I now have time distribution of my leads and have a network that I can track my users sales. I like the fact that I now have the ability to watch the progress of the leads through notes and keep on top of the neglected leads. I now push traffic to my website and get leads directly. Marketing Optimizer has now become a vital part of my sales process.”

-Bob Lindsey The Credit Card Solution

Marketing Optimizer is now the number one reference tool for lead management regarding the sales process at The Credit Card Solution. The ability to give each user their own individual user friendly platform is much appreciated by all of their users.