Murray Insurance Agency – CRM Case Study

Murry Insurance Agency is proud to be an industry leader In Central Florida’s insurance market.

“Working hard every day to maintain the continued respect and trust that their clients have shown them. As Murry Insurance has since 1981, they continue in their commitment to providing Central Florida residents with practical, real-world solutions designed to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of each client.”

The Need

The immediate needs revolved around the ability to have a system that would delegate the leads to their Agents based on the state and zip they are located in. Leads are being captured from multiple sources and it was a requirement that we integrate with the lead providers so that there would be a seamless integration between Marketing Optimizer and the lead provider. Other important aspects of Murray Insurance’s account were to provide them with the reporting on their users and vendors regarding the user performance and quality of each vendors leads.

”As we were assessing our needs I grew more comfortable with the expertise that is on staff at Marketing Optimizer, understanding my process was very easy for their professionals and I was always being informed on potential obstacles that may come up so that we could avoid them.”

The Implementation

There was some need for initial consultation with the client in regards to the functionality of the delegation abilities in the Marketing Optimizer system. It was business as usual after that implementing their custom Marketing Optimizer solution.

“The process went pretty smooth due to the fact that the Active Internet Marketing team was already very experienced in our industry. The learning curve was not to steep for me or my employees because of the level of service and training that we received from day one.” “The initial consultation that we received on our business plan was very informative on the whole process.”

The Results

Murray Insurance now has a fully functional Marketing Optimizer system tool for their agents to log in no matter their location. The ability to directly import the leads opposed to manually enter them is saving them literally hours a day. Leads are delivered to the agents real time with built in Campaign and user reports for the management staff. Bob Arnold of the Murry Insurance Management Team says..

“I feel that choosing Marketing Optimizer was one of the best business decisions I have made. The impact on my daily operations has been very positive in that it simplified the distribution of our leads. The overall business relationship w Marketing Optimizer has been one of the most pleasant endeavors I have made.”

The new features allowed him to free up a lot of time that he did not have and the relationship that I have built with our Tech team is fantastic!” Marketing Optimizer met all of the specifications that were needed with our current functionality. Now playing a major role in the daily activities at Murry Insurance Agency.