About Leader One Financial – CRM Case Study

Leader One Financial is a locally owned and operated mortgage banker who offers a large selection of loan products at extremely competitive pricing. Our loan specialists offer an arsenal of products including conventional, FHA and VA financing. We pride ourselves in a quick pre-approval process. Leader One Financial believes in taking customer service to the next level, and will consistently continue to strive for satisfied clients.

The Need

Leader One Financial needed a system that is like no other that we had built. Their requests started with the need to import over 300,000 leads in the beginning. In addition a fully functional email platform with the ability to attach secure documents to the emails. Custom private labeling was a request,along with custom forms and form fields. All of these features had to be wrapped into a application that was very user friendly and had a elite level of customer service.

“We were really in need of a unique solution. Marketing Optimizer was the only fit that would work.”

-Tanner Morton Branch Manager of Leader One Financial


The configuration and implementation process went quickly for Leader One Financial. Once we had completed the importing of the data, building of forms and creation of custom form fields. Leader One Financial was in constant contact with Marketing Optimizer regarding the progress of their software application. The user training was then given and their Management was pleased with a product delivered on time with every function that was necessary.

“Marketing Optimizer made the implementation a lot easier than we expected. The experienced Tech team tackled my unique needs and conquered them quickly. I think that Marketing Optimizer did great job keeping my staff informed of their daily progress and delivered me a product that was completed on time.”

-Tanner Morton Branch Manager of Leader One Financial


Efforts at Leader One Financial are now much less when it comes to managing their sales pipeline. The need to have a online network of users in their system with their own custom forms, form fields and sub-status’s is now a reality. Leader One Financial is now a re-selling partner with Marketing Optimizer to offer their clients a on demand crm solution along with their services. Marketing Optimizer is a active influence on Leader One Financial. Consulting them on their day to day crm efforts.

“I really like the fact that when I call for support help that I can get through every time.”

-Tanner Morton Branch Manager of Leader One Financial