The purpose of iWebAssist

“The purpose of iWebAssist is to assist individual businesses both no-profit and commercial in maintaining their websites. iWebAssist does not create graphics such as logos and catch phrases. iWebAssist can recommend graphic designers if you need one. iWebAssist will recommend a hosting service such as fullservicehosting.com or brinkster.com for example for your web hosting needs. iWebAssist will also work with your current hosting company if you have one. iWebAssist can build you a simple site from the ground up. (You supply the graphics and photos), and the VISION!”

-Martin Gregory, Owner iWeb Assist

The Need

iWeb Assist required a very easy to use application that had direct integration with their websites for the automatic delivery of leads into their Marketing Optimizer account. There was a requirement that different permission levels would be offered for their users. These permissions included the ability for the iWeb Assist users to set up their own email templates with custom signatures and be able to access the data that was delegated to that user and that user only. Martin Gregory of iWeb Assist said:

“Excellent customer support is very hard to come by theses days and Active Internet Marketing showed me the level of commitment to my needs that is rare in the web world today… It made the purchase decision easy for me”

The Implementation

IWeb Assist had your basic Marketing Optimizer implementation process. Consisting of the initial consultation with their Tech advisers. We built multiple custom forms and form fields for the posting on their sites. Created email templates for the users in their system and set up all automation for the live capture of their leads. Marketing Optimizer finished the implementation with the full training of their users on the new crm application.

“The process was great! The help in training was wonderful and we saw a instant inflation in sales in the business. Marketing Optimizer walked me through training, the management really listened to what I needed and spent time learning my biz. You guys were always accessible.”

Cost of a new CRM was a issue with management at iWeb Assist.

“I was really surprised with the price of the Marketing Optimizer software. Other applications with less functionality were actually more expensive!”


The new mass email function makes it so that iWeb Assist can refine to find the right cluster of data For even specific groups of leads and make contact when it is time. iWeb Assist can now put Pictures in their emails so that they are more appealing. The ease of document migration from Microsoft excel is a much more efficient process with Marketing Optimizer.

“Quite simply I can contact the right people when I need to and don’t waste any time doing it!”

Marketing Optimizer has been a full time employee of iWeb Assist since 2005. With the technological updates and advances that are made daily with Marketing Optimizer we do not foresee the end of this relationship for years to come.