Validate and Enhance Your Leads Automatically

Confirm crucial pieces of information automatically.

Automatically Qualify

Frequently lead validation is a part of the qualification process (e.g. if all the information is bunk, mark the lead as not qualified). Just like the lead qualification process, this is typically done from within the automations technology built into Marketing Optimizer.

Automatically Validate

  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Reverse telephone lookup

Many of our validation processes have the option to also enhance the data your currently have. As an example, our address validation service will also add zip+4 and correct misspellings in the address. We can even get name and address from just a phone number. So whenever a prospect calls you, the system will be able to create a complete lead by performing a reverse telephone lookup. You and your sales staff are then presented with that lead immediately so you can update your database (leave notes, send emails, etc…) while you are on the phone with the caller. It’s great, and we are the only ones who provide you with comprehensive data validation and enhancement with this much value.