Nurture Your Leads From Prospect Into Closed Business

Make Sure Your Qualified Leads Think of You First Respond to all your inquiries quickly, and with messages specifically tailored to the lead. Your business will be top-of-mind, so when your prospect is ready to purchase they come to you first, and you will be ready with all the information you need to close the sale.
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Lead Nurturing

First, Introduce Yourself to Your Future Client

With rare exception the first communication with a sales lead is via an auto-response email. We have all received them, and they are expected when we take an action on a website. Your prospects expect the same, but will be pleasantly surprised when it arrives appearing like a real human took the time to send a personalized message. This is possible with one of our pre-built email templates, or a custom email template that you create yourself. It’s better than your prospects expect, and your response rates will reflect it.

Sending regular emails to your prospects and clients is a great way to make sure that when they think about the products or services you provide that you are the provider they expect to use. This top-of-mind recognition is an important part of branding, and lends credibility to your business and offerings. In-turn, your prospects will seek you out when they decide to make a purchase (win).

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Know When to Call Your Leads

There is a basic framework that Marketing Optimizer will setup for your business model based on your needs and targets. Each lead goes through these same stages before they are ready for a true sales call. Marketing Optimizer will guide you and your sales team through each stage in order to be more efficient and productive.


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