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What is A/B Testing?

Marketing Optimizer provides an easy interface that clearly explains what changes you should be making to your website. It gets the data it needs to do this by rotating your visitors to different experiences (that you design) on your website.

A Quick Example

Let’s assume that you have a blue button on your website that says ‘Buy Now’, and you want to determine if people will click your button more as a red button, or will it receive more clicks as a blue button. That gives us two variations of your website: Blue Button vs Red Button.

So you send a few hundred visits to your website, and lo and behold, the red button generated 100 sales, while the blue button only generated 50 (this is hypothetical, sometimes blue will work better). It’s an easy concept, and it’s an easy task (at least it won’t take much time), but the benefits are obvious.

You just increase sales by 100% with a simple, quick test. So, now that you know your button should be red, what will you test next? Perhaps you want to test ‘Checkout’ in the button against the control (the version you already have on the site) of ‘Buy Now’. Perhaps you would like to know what happens if your remove a few links from your top menu or shorten the on the home page.

Visitor 1 sees button color=”blue” Buy Now

Visitor 2 sees button color=”red” Buy Now

Visitor 3 sees button color=”blue” Buy Now

Visitor 4 sees button color=”red” Buy Now

Optimize My Site!

You will love what website testing with Marketing Optimizer can do for your bottom line.

Link Your Experiments with Your Sales Data

Most marketers already have many ideas that they would like to test, but haven’t had the time to run the test, export the results, try to somehow link it back to actual sales data… For most Internet marketers this just isn’t possible, whether it’s time constraints or the technology just won’t handle it. We need to know conversion-rates, that’s beginner stuff.

Making Sales is What it’s All About

What most don’t realize is that a lead has no value. If you don’t close the sale, or generate some sort of revenue from a lead, what good did it do your business? How can you grow your business if you don’t generate revenue? You can’t.

Connecting Website Data to Sales and Revenue

That’s why Marketing Optimizer is built to associate closed sales and actual revenue with every experiment. You can report on where your leads are dropping out of the sales pipeline on a per-experiment basis. Now we are talking about really high-level analytics meant for experts. If that’s not you, no problem. We are here to walk you through every step of the process, from generating the data, to analyzing its meaning.

Setup and Integration is Easy

From a technical perspective, testing is not a complicated task. That is, of course, if you are using one of the many complimentary dedicated tools to help you manage the variations. We integrate with all the most popular A/B testing and landing page optimization tools.

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