Precise Market Segmentation and Lead Filtering

A solution to select and reach the right people at the right time.

Intuitive Filtering and Reporting

Marketing Optimizer provides an intuitive interface to select exactly the group of prospects that you wish to take action with at that moment. For instance if you want to send an email to a subset of your prospects, you will want to target them using just the right combination of demographics, psychographics and timing.

It’s important to know how each segment of your market is performing, but most marketing analytics packages just aren’t capable of breaking down the data in a way that makes sense. Marketing Optimizer is designed to be able to report on market segments that are as small or as large as you like, all in a format that is easy to understand.

Market Segmentation for Automation

Throughout Marketing Optimizer’s easy-to-use interface is a single filtering system for identifying market segments. The same filters used on your contact list can be applied to your reports and marketing automations.

The marketing automation system in Marketing Optimizer relies on these filters to properly identify which leads receive specific actions. This is an easy process, and it’s possible to narrow your automations down so that they are only run on exactly the right leads, at exactly the right time.
Segmentation vs. Data Mining

Easy to Use and Quick to Learn

Considering how easy it is to break your market into pieces and look at their performance historically (and in real-time), it probably won’t be any surprise to hear it referred to as “data mining” rather than simply “segmentation.” Even if you have no experience with data mining you will be up and running with no problem. It’s the only software of it’s kind that provides this kind of in-depth look at your market at a price that even small businesses can afford.