What’s the bottom-line

It all comes down to the financial reports. A lead has no value without a sale, and a sale has no value without revenue (obvious). What you really need to know is how much revenue did each lead bring, and from which marketing effort. Just create a report with a few clicks and the information you need is presented to you in an easily digestible format.

Here are a few of our more popular financial reports

Return on Investment Return on Advertising Cost per Acquisition Revenue Expense Profit

Linking your expenses to your revenue

When you set up a campaign you will provide the total investment for that campaign in one of several units.
We then take that information and factor in your sales and revenue metrics to compute profit and financial reports. Simple and effective.
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per close
  • Yearly, Monthly, or Daily Cost
  • One-time cost