Sales and Website Analytics

Sales and Website Analytics Data Presented in a Usable Way

End to End Tracking

Every marketing dollar spent is accurately tracked through the entire sales process, providing actionable data can be used to revolutionize the way you manage your marketing spend, increase sales, and growing your business.


Web and Sales Analytics

Track Everything and Optimize it All


View Your Charts and Reports with Marketing Optimizer, everything is tracked for you so you will always know exactly where changes need to be made. It’s these changes that improve your business, and you will have the data to empower your decision-making and move you in only the right direction.

Stop guessing and making business decisions based on ‘gut feelings’ and ‘hunches’.

The analytics data from Marketing Optimizer provides real confidence that the actions you are taking will actually improve your business

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True Closed-Loop Tracking

You know the loop, it’s your sales pipeline with changes at the end that you apply to new leads coming into the pipeline. It’s an easy thing to do in Marketing Optimizer, because you already have all the information from every part of the process.Instead of having to collect data from separate pieces of software (marketing automation, campaign management, web analytics, sales management) you can simply run the reports that tell you everything you need to know, all in one place.


Keep Track of Your Sales Team

The system tracks almost everything possible, so you’ll know almost everything about what your team is doing.

The best part is that they too know that they are going to be held accountable, and that management has a record of everything they are doing. This goes far beyond just sales results, and includes:

  • Time working leads
  • Number of leads worked
  • Leads neglected

For those of you with remote workforces, just think of how invaluable this information is!

  • Sales volume and other performance metrics
  • Idle time
  • Calls taken/made