Spend More Time Selling, and Less Time Qualifying

Score leads on any data captured

Custom Scoring On All Your Data

Track your visitors web activity and interactions to determine their level of interest and make sure that they are ready for a call, then send only qualified leads that are ready for a call to your sales team, and leave the rest to be nurtured automatically.

If you aren’t yet familiar with lead scoring, you will love the step-by-step guidance Marketing Optimizer has to offer. Marketing Optimizer applies a quantitative ‘score’ to indicate the potential value of a prospect and is more intuitive than ever.

You can score leads based on their interest in your business, their current stage in the buying cycle and their overall fit into your business – and much more.

Lead scoring with Marketing Optimizer will help you better know when leads are ready to be sent to your sales team or if they need more time to be nurtured.

Events can now be configured to apply cumulative point values to leads as they are being worked. This score can then be displayed as a column on the contact list for easy reference.

Know When to Call Your Leads

There is a basic framework that Marketing Optimizer will setup for your business model based on your needs and targets. Each lead goes through these same stages before they are ready for a true sales call. Marketing Optimizer will guide you and your sales team through each stage in order to be more efficient and productive.


  • Website Visit (new lead)
  • Leads
  • Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Sales Accepted Leads – at this stage, the lead is ready for a sales call.
  • Opportunities
  • Customers

Prioritize Sales Efforts

Know Where to Spend Your Time…

Your sales team can use Marketing Optimizer to know where to spend their time. Instead of chasing poor fits, your team can focus on the high scoring leads that will bring you more business.

The sales team can identify campaigns that produce high scoring leads and the marketing team can adjust their strategy. Optimize your time with Marketing Optimizer.

Scoring and Analytics

Marketing Optimizer is unique in that it can score leads on any data captured into the software that can additionally be filtered.

Marketing Optimizer will score leads based off demographic and behavioral activities such as website and blog visits, where both anonymous and known visitors can be tracked and scored. The person (lead) and the company can be scored individually as well.

Bringing You Results

Lead scoring functionality combined with marketing automation will bring you tremendous results. After leads are scored, they will be passed to your sales team.

Each lead will have already been ‘warmed up,’ allowing your sales team to spend less time qualifying and more time selling. Marketing Optimizer eliminates the manual process and instead automates nearly the entire process.

Lead scoring is intertwined with lead nurturing so you can better determine your prospects level of interest in your product or service. Marketing Optimizer will work with you to determine who your target is and how to score the criteria to reach that target.



If you are a Health Club, your target may be men and woman in their 30’s to mid-40’s who are looking to get in shape. Upon further research already done by your company, you discovered these targets are also career oriented people, have college degrees and a family.

Based on the data you receive and gather from these prospects, you can give a score based on their answers. Marketing Optimizer will help you setup that framework, forms and tracking to move forward with.

Marketing Optimizer’s sales and support team will walk you through the easy steps to setup your lead scoring. It will be easy for Marketing Optimizer’s team to either follow your current lead scoring schema or guide you through setting up a new one that makes better sense.

It is our goal to limit your up-front investment, integration and training. Marketing Optimizer understands your needs and wants to help you automate everything in your workflow, including lead scoring.

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