The Basics of Lead Management

Published on: September 10, 2013

A lead management system is critical to success for any business. Understanding where your leads are in the sales process, who is working a specific lead, and what the results of your strategies are can pay off with huge gains for your business. Once a company develops a great management program that is geared around a strategy of reducing costs and increasing profit by creating solid customer loyalty and a solid customer base, the programs should work together with a successful optimized lead management program.

Good lead management brings together all the data sources within a company and gives a solid picture of the customer in real time.

With a lead management program, employees can optimize sales as well as customer support and marketing in general. This tool can also allow them to also make appropriate decisions on many things, including outselling opportunities and cross sales in order to target strategic marketing opportunities as well as cultivate strategies for competitive tactics.

The Basics of Lead Management

The right kind of lead optimized management program will also give you the flexibility you need to empower and create an automated campaign with less effort, developing quality leads you may not have had otherwise. This type of multi-channel management will allow you to execute multiple programs at once, including web, email, mobile and the ever-growing social media market. A good lead management program can:

  • Take an outdated email marketing campaign and make it a dynamic tool that automatically fosters deep prospects of relationships
  • Drives the demand through an inbound marketing channel with online and social media content that results in a more powerful campaign
  • With pre-built integration, it can streamline events with reminders and personalized invites through your webinar providers

These capabilities take you from simple lead generation programs to an ongoing program of nurturing and scoring leads. Once you have developed a defined sales process and have chosen the best CRM program, this could be the time to begin a definite optimized lead management program that will become a valuable tool in your own business. Your sales leads should flow successfully into a business funnel where the CRM can work to schedule calls, emails, tasks and other duties that are, in turn, organized and maximized by the optimized lead management tool.

Lead Generation vs. Lead Management

Improved lead management isn’t the same as improved lead generation. A new lead management system isn’t going to automatically pump up the number of leads coming into the system. Your new CRM tool for lead management won’t fill the pipeline on its own, most likely. Many times, a company purchases a technology package to enhance CRM and then wonders why sales do not go up. It takes time for new techniques and management styles to show up in results. And in addition to the program, you will still need quality lead generation. While CRM and lead management are two entirely different tools, they must work together somewhat in order to build a successful sales model. Optimizing the program is where you will begin to see a difference in the profit of a campaign.

Managing Your Lead Management Solutions

A large company will naturally generate many leads, and optimizing those opportunities through data to reach many solutions could be what is holding you back in realizing successful scores on leads. If your business is a franchise with many employees and varying software solutions, how you manage the number of leads and contacts that are required to successfully manage the program could determine the overall success of your franchise and what it represents to brand owners. Without the ultimate optimization tool, the backlash, training, downtown, frustrations, arguments and ultimate failure is likely to be what a business owner will face. Ensuring that lead management data reaches its destination in seconds, not hours, is the first step to optimizing the lead management program of any business. A quality program will help you achieve this. In our next post, we’ll delve deeper into the lead management process and how to apply the best practices to your business. Download Lead Management E-Book

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