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What is Lead Aggregation?

Lead aggregation is the business of generating and collecting leads for the purpose of selling them to another business for their sales team to call and convert to a sale.
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Generate More Targeted Traffic

Traffic to your website that results from an advertisement or link that piques a specific desire, need, or interest in a visitor is what most consider to be 'targeted' traffic. This is the only traffic you want on your site, as any other traffic is just an expense, with no bottom-line benefit to your business..

Marketing Optimizer provides you the ability to look at every source of traffic to your site, from PPC to organic search traffic and everything in-between, to see exactly which of those sources generate the best traffic.

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Improve Your Traffic Targeting
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"No other system help me measure exactly how each traffic source is performing as well."

Improve Website Conversion Rates

Now that you are driving targeted traffic to your site, you want to turn them into leads at as high a rate as possible (this is your conversion rate).

The best way to increase conversion rates is to test different versions of your important pages to see which version generates the most leads. This process is called 'A/B testing', or 'split testing'.

Marketing Optimizer has a fully integrated A/B testing suite that allows you to quickly and easily see which pages are generating the most leads.
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"I can optimize every important page on my site and see exactly how I have improved my conversion rates."
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Increase Lead Volume

The combination of more highly targeted traffic, and a website that has been optimized for conversions, will have the effect of dramatically increasing the total number of leads you generate for your business, and dramatically decreasing your cost per lead.

Imagine what it will do for your business to generate 2-4 times as many leads for the same investment.

"I'm generating far more leads today than I was before using Marketing Optimizer, and all with less cost."
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Maximize Revenue per Visitor

Knowing how much revenue each type of lead is generating is crucial to making smart business decisions, like which leads you should be most focused on generating.

Marketing Optimizer provides you with dashboard reports to precisely track exactly how much revenue you are generating for every lead, every traffic source, every client, and every visitor. Combine that with integrated cost and profitability reports and you have all the information you need to make the decisions that will really grow your business.

"This goes far beyond what Google Analytics is able to do, providing me with actual revenue per website visitor!"
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Lead Selling Features Users Love

  • Privately Labeled (Your Branding)
  • Custom Lead Pricing Configurations
  • Lead Refund Moderation
  • Client Support Tickets and Accounting
  • Integrated Payment Processing
    • Lead Vendor Integration
    • Highly Detailed Market Segmentation
    • Contact De-duplication
    • Custom Data Posting
    • Lead Validation and Enhancement
    • Enhanced Lead Distribution
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    100% money back guarantee.

    Generate more leads or more revenue in 30 days... or your money back.
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    Automatic Lead Qualification and Pricing

    Pricing your leads appropriately is crucial in being able to bill more for your leads, and the amount that you can charge for a lead depends greatly on the validity of the contact information, and the amount of information being delivered about the contact.

    Marketing Optimizer will automatically qualify and then price your leads by running them through filters that you configure, and verifying in real-time that the information provided is accurate and valid. Keep customers happy, and bill more for every lead.

    "The filtering and automations have enabled me to bill more than twice as much per lead, and my clients love me for it."
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    100% money back guarantee.

    Generate more leads or more revenue in 30 days... or your money back.
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    24/7 Smart Lead Distribution

    When delivered to the right clients, those that are more likely to make a sale from your lead, the lead becomes far more valuable. Clients only want to purchase leads that are a good fit for their business, and you want to be able to make sure the leads are sold to all the right people without taking up your valuable time to sort and track them.

    Marketing Optimizer allows you to configure the system so that when leads are generated, after the system prices them, your clients will receive them and be billed immediately. They receive only the leads they want, and they are sent with the delivery method they want.

    Of course there is always the cherry-picking method of lead purchasing, where your clients are presented with a preview of the lead (typically hiding contact information) along with the price of the lead.

    They can, on demand, just purchase the lead within the system at their own convenience. The lead will become immediately available to them, and they will be automatically billed.

    I Want to Increase My Client Billing
    Automate your Lead Delivery
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    Supported Lead Deliver Methods

    "What a time saver! I just set up lead delivery once for each client, and it runs itself."

    Manage Client Billing and Support

    Running a lead selling business is more than just generating leads and sending them off to clients. They ask for refunds, they want to change the types of leads they want, they have questions... You need a way to manage this administrative side of your business.

    Marketing Optimizer includes complete client billing, accounting, and reporting. The system will automatically bill exactly the way you configure it, and it offers you the billing flexibility you need to meet your client's needs.

    Support cases are integrated into Marketing Optimizer, and you are notified every time a new support case is created by your clients. This creates a trail of communication that you can both follow and update like any great support ticketing system.

    Refunds are made easy for you with the straight-forward refund moderation. Your client requests a refund, provides a reason, and you approve or deny the refund. You can even send a message to your client as to why you denied the refund.

    Client Billing Panel
    Create Happier Customers
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    Marketing Optimizer is an Authorize.net Verified Merchant
    "It even includes payment processing support so that you can bill your client's credit cards automatically with your own merchant account."
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    Detailed Admin Reports and Dashboards

    Gathering massive amounts of detailed data is only 'actionable' if you can make sense of it. You need to be able to refine, compare, and visualize the data in a way that is understandable and clear.

    Marketing Optimizer has an amazing reporting system that makes generating the reports your want easy and powerful. Any piece of data that is collected can be directly compared to any other piece of data. The reporting system makes your crucial business decisions into 'no-brainers'.

    Lead Selling Dashboard Reports