Built-in Proposal Forms

Reduce the paperwork involved in doing business by building custom, virtual proposal forms. You have enough things to accomplish during your busy day. Create a re-usable form and take a break from repeating tasks.

Monitor Rep Activity Out-of-Office

Know how your sales reps are spending their time while out of the office. Marketing Optimizer will keep on top of the entire sales process, from the opening proposal to product order. We make it easy for management to see (in real time) who is logged in at all times.

Sales Reps- On the Road Mobile Access

Use a mobile device to easily access the Marketing Optimizer system. Marketing Optimizer is fully compatible with your iPhone or the new Blackberry operating system. Check on progress of a lead, set a custom task or send a email to a client. Anytime you need to access your data it is available while your on the road, day or night.

Custom Products/Services

Marketing Optimizer will keep track of all the products and services that you offer. Comprise your product and service list to effortlessly access your information. Run in-depth reporting on what products are performing and make critical advertising decisions based on that data. Follow what leads are interested in what products and close more sales.

Sales Rep Reports

Want to know who is selling what and how much? Get on top of those numbers with Marketing Optimizer. We will give you the tools needed to follow the performance of each sales rep no matter their location.