Printing and Graphics

If you are in the printing and graphics business, you undoubtedly know reaching the online marketplace is essential to growing your business. There are a vast number of potential clients looking to the web to find the services you provide. With Aggregatur you can capture and manage all the incoming sales leads and optimize future marketing with invaluable data.

Real Time Lead Entry

No matter how you receive them, leads enter the system and are immediately available to your users. Contact those who are interested in your system quickly and close the sale before your competitors. Better keep track of your sales pipeline and the contacts that need to be made.

Campaign Tracking

Whether it be banner ads or pay-per-click, text links, or any other online ads when a potential customer clicks on one to find your site, that adds campaign is tracked along with a number of related details that provide the valuable information to make informed decisions with your marketing.
Aggregatur takes the analytics one step further than other analytic programs by providing you with which of these actually turned into closed sales.


  • Search Engine
  • Search Phrase
  • Referring URL
  • IP address
  • Form Submission

Products and Services

Keep track of all the products and services your contacts are interested in, or have purchased from you. You can add prices to your products to keep a running total of a dollar amount value to the contact. This information coupled with the campaign tracking provides you with important ROI, ROAS, and Revenue data.

Re-market to Old Leads

Not all sales are made instantly. Aggregatur puts your Printing and Graphics business in the position to make sales to old leads. With past data refining, you are simply a click away from an email campaign or a call list. Put your lost leads back into the sales loop.
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Custom Forms/Fields

Create custom fields for tracking information specific to your business. Make sure that the information you need is at your fingertips at all times by creating the method of storage yourself. Change your form as many times as it takes to streamline your business into a finely tuned machine.

Custom Tasks

Keep track of all clients with custom tasks. Aggregatur allows your users to create custom tasks with built-in reminders to be completed by your sales team.

Private Labeling

Make Marketing Optimizer your own by labeling the system with your brand identity. At any time, it’s possible to simply replace our logo with your own for no additional charge.