Insurance & Marketing Optimization. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it will change your business.

There are thousands of life insurance companies out there competing for your customers. Setting up a great marketing campaign that produces leads is the first step. You will need to figure out what media you feel will give you the most return on your investment. You may want to advertise on television, on the internet, in magazines, direct mail marketing, in newspapers, and other forms of advertising. Regardless of what you chose you need a way to manage your insurance leads and track the quality of the advertising. This is where Marketing Optimizer comes in.

Insurance & Marketing Optimization

Our insurance marketing optimization software has the technology to track all your marketing efforts so you can make the right decisions on what media is producing quality leads and closes. You will be able to easily create reports for your campaigns, see each individual lead, and where it came from, see if the lead is qualified, and much more.

Managing Your Insurance Leads without Marketing Optimizer

Without Marketing Optimizer managing your leads can take up the majority of your time.
This process usually involves manually entering each lead into a desktop application that you then rely on any time you need to see, call, update, or manage that lead.

Effective communication with your insurance prospects then becomes a tedious cycle of email communication offering services or information—retrieving each lead’s data from your desktop application, copy-and-pasting into your email client, and sending it CC.

Making the Insurance Sales Process Simple with Our CRM

With our CRM for insurance, you don’t have to waste time on creating a leads list, sending out mass email marketing campaigns, or finding the lead information. No matter where you are generating leads, Marketing Optimizer will capture the lead and put it directly into the web-based marketing optimization software. All you have to do is log in, see the lead, and set any desired automated task.

We Integrate with All Insurance Lead Generation Services

You may already have an insurance lead generation service that you are using and are in need of a CRM to manage and market to these leads. We integrate well with any insurance lead generation service on the market. Here are some examples of insurance lead generation services that we integrate with:

  • NetQuote for Agents
  • InsuranceLeads.com
  • Insurance Agents.com
  • InsureMe Agents
  • AllWebLeads
  • HomeTownQuotes
  • iQuotes

Marketing Optimizer empowers small and medium sized insurance businesses with industry-best marketing technology designed specifically to improve your bottom line. The cutting-edge technology that drives Marketing Optimizer will improve profitability almost immediately by providing all the time-saving tools you need to focus more on making insurance sales.