Easily Track Inquiries

Make contact quicker with those people who inquire about your institution. Keep track of information in custom fields and create custom forms for gathering information from visitors to your website. Marketing Optimizer will give your institution the upper hand on making contact with the appropriate group at the appropriate time.

Custom Fields Track Specific Information

Whatever information you need to track, the whole process is made easier by Marketing Optimizer to create and store information in custom fields. Those fields are available for use in any form we create, making that information searchable and available at all times. Keep on top of potential enrollment and student interest better.

Manage Leads From Many Sources Instantly

No matter where your online advertising is occurring, lead entry is instant with Marketing Optimizer. Whether you receive leads by HTTP post, email, import, or receive them from a form on your web site, those leads appear in your Lead List and on your Dashboard instantly, making your job easier.

Easy Delegation

Make sure that no leads are slipping through the cracks. Marketing Optimizer will give you the tools needed to delegate the leads evenly for the best response. Marketing Optimizer will ensure that your leads go to the appropriate representative.