Using Click-To-Call

Create a Click-To-Call Button For Your Website

Click-to-call is a handy feature that allows you to connect a phone call between a contact (with a valid phone number) and yourself with the push of a button. Marketing Optimizer also has the ability to automate this function, allowing you to trigger phone calls via filterable conditions such as lead capture, time, event, status, and more.

By harnessing the power of click-to-call, marketing automations, and a simple web form, you can quickly create a button that will allow visitors on your website to initiate phone calls between them and your sales team. To do so, follow these simple instructions:

First, if you haven’t used the click-to-call feature yet, you need to create a click-to-call caller ID number. This will display as the caller number to your contacts.

Go to “Settings” > “Phone Integration” > “Click-to-Call Caller IDs” and click the “New Caller ID Phone Number” button.

Here you can enter a label, choose whether this will be your account’s default caller ID number, and your phone number. Saving will prompt the system to verify your phone number by calling it and requiring you to enter a 6 digit pin on the call.

Next, create a web form that will capture the visitor’s phone number by going to “Settings” and “Forms and Fields” (details on creating web forms within Marketing Optimizer can be found here). The only required field you will need is a phone number (home, business, or mobile number). Copy and paste the dynamic javascript publishing code to your website where you want the form to appear. The static js and html code can be used in its place if you intend on customizing the form beyond what is accessible from the “template design” tab within the form editor.

For the final step, we need to create a simple automation (click “Automations” and “Add”).

Under the filter tab, select “Add Filter” to require the “Form Response” that matches the name of the new form you had just created and published. Under the “actions” tab, you will find several options for “Connect a call between a contact and a user”, allowing you flexibility in choosing which user will receive the call.

Once saved and activated, the automation will create an instant bridge between you and your web visitors, allowing you to interact with prospects while the interest is still fresh, or provide fast and personable customer service to your clients.

If you require additional support or training on this feature, contact customer service and we would be happy to help.