Reseller Client Billing

Whether you are selling CRM access to your clients, selling leads, or both, Marketing Optimizer provides flexible billing options and a detailed billing history for all of your clients. You have the ability to charge real-time and recurring for your services by integrating with any of our supported payment processors (see below), or use the internal invoicing system to bill clients by hand.

Marketing Optimizer currently supports the following payment processors:


You can charge a flat fee, or itemize the cost of features and services provided. Pricing can be determined as standard (default) across all accounts, at the group level, and at the client level.

Default Account-Level Pricing (Recurring Fees)

To set default recurring account-level pricing on any feature in Marketing Optimizer or for any custom recurring fees you add, click the “Settings” button at the top and select “Reselling” > “Default Account-Level Pricing”.

Here you will see a window with a list of general and itemized features, all of which can have their own pricing and settings.

  • Account Defaults
  • User Fees
  • Contact Fees
  • Email Fees
  • Lead Aggregation Fees
  • Reverse Telephone lookup fees
  • Email Validation Lookup Fees
  • Telephone Validation Lookup Fees
  • Address Validation Lookup Fees
  • Page Generator Fees
  • Click-to-Call
  • SMS Messaging
  • Inbound Telephone Tracking
  • Email Integration Fees
  • Create New Custom Billing Item

Billing options for each category includes:

  • Default fee per billing cycle
  • Billing cycle increments
  • Trial periods
  • Flat fee per feature
  • Included feature allotment
  • Replenishment amounts (pre-pay)
  • Bonus feature allotment
  • Feature usage (metered) billing
  • Overage fees
  • Maximum limits
  • Minimum items per invoice
  • Account Lock-out when owing


Override Default Account-Level Pricing (Group Pricing)

You also have the ability to override the account-wide defaults by establishing pricing at either the group or individual client level. Group-level pricing overrides the account level, and is overridden by specific client pricing. To manage group-level pricing, access your “Accounts, Groups and Users” section by selecting the drop-down menu on your account profile button. Here, select a client group and click “Billing” at the top of your group list to access the same billing options as listed above.


Override Group Level Pricing (Individual Pricing)

Individual client-level pricing overrides both account-wide and group-level pricing. Any feature not selected to override the group or account defaults will defer to the settings at those levels. To manage client-level pricing, access your “Accounts, Groups and Users” section by selecting the drop-down menu on your account profile button. Here, expand the client group the client belongs to by clicking the little ‘right-arrow’ to the left. Select the desired client account and click “Billing” at the top of your group list.

Other features accessible here include :

Account Billing

Provides details on a client’s current status, pricing settings, balance, and bill date. This is also where an itemized history of all charges and credits are kept.

Recurring fees and lead sales automatically generate invoices, or you can click “Add Invoice” at the top of the list to create custom charges or credits. By selecting an invoice, you can view or manage associated invoice items using the “Items” pane at the bottom of the window.


Replenishment Increments

This section allows you to select a replenishment amount that applies to all billable services for a client. Replenishment amounts will attempt to refill themselves automatically when depleted.

*Lead Aggregators can also determine billing for leads sold by creating and applying lead pricing levels, as described here.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this feature, feel free to contact customer support.