Report Metric Definitions

By hovering your mouse cursor over the right-edge of a column head on the report grid, you reveal a drop-down menu where by selecting “Columns” you can choose from a variety of metrics to display by ‘checking’ and ‘unchecking’.

Here is a list of available metrics and how each are defined:

  • Visitors – Number of unique visitors to your website
  • PV – (Page Views) Number of pages on your website that were viewed
  • Conv – (Conversions) Number of visitors that were captured as a contact (form submission, call capture, manual entry)
  • Open – Number of contacts that are currently in the “Open” status
  • Lost – Number of contacts that are currently in the “Closed – Lost” status
  • Won – Number of contacts that are currently in the “Closed – Won” status
  • Non-Qual – Number of contacts that are currently in the “Non-Qualified” status
  • Total Cost – Total costs of contact
  • Total Revenue – Total Revenue of contact
  • ROI – Return on Investment (profit/cost)
  • Lead Cost – Cost (Unit = Lead)
  • ROAS – Return on Advertising Spent ((rev-cost)/cost)
  • Closed Leads Cost – Cost (Unit = Close)
  • Avg TTS – (Time to Sale) Average elapsed time in days from time of capture to sale
  • Email Open Rates – (email opened/email sent) *When grouped by email template
  • Calls – Total number of inbound/outbound calls
  • Avg Calls/Close – Average number of calls per lead closed
  • Avg Calls/Lead – Average number of calls per lead
  • Id – Aggregate ID
  • Avg Pv – Average number of web pages viewed
  • Conv % – Conversion Percentage (conversions/leads)
  • Open % – Open Percentage (open leads/all leads)
  • Won % – Conversion Percentage (closed – won leads/all leads)
  • Lost % – Conversion Percentage (closed – lost/leads)
  • Non-Qual % – Conversion Percentage (non-qualified/leads)
  • Sales – Contacts that were set to ‘closed – won’ within the filtered time period
  • Client Billing Revenue – Billing revenue when grouped by client
  • Contact Billing Revenue – Revenue from invoiced contacts
  • Revenue Based on Default Lead Value – (leads sold)
  • Revenue Based on Default Sale Value – (leads “closed – won”)
  • Lead Reselling Revenue – Revenue based on priced and sold leads
  • Visitor Cost – Cost (Unit = Visit)
  • Time Cost – Cost (Unit = Day, Month, Year, One-Time)
  • CPA – Cost per Acquisition (cost/conversions)
  • Profit – ((Revenue * Margin) – cost)
  • Event Count – Total number of events having occurred

If you require additional clarification on report metric definitions, contact customer service and we would be happy to help.