This section allows you to provision a local or toll-free phone number for you to use anywhere you display a call-in number. You can then choose where to route the incoming call and which advertising campaign to associate the inbound calls with. If the caller is not currently in your contacts list, the system will create a new contact for you. When a return-caller calls in, Marketing Optimizer will notify you or the contact’s assign user with a pop-up window that you can click to take you directly to that contact’s information.

Marketing Optimizer also has an extremely unique feature of visitor-level tracking numbers. Marketing Optimizer can automatically provision and display call tracking numbers unique to each visitor on your website (via website integration code), allowing the system to track campaign sources and browsing behaviors even if they decide to pick up the phone and call.

Active Phone Numbers

This section displays all of your currently provisioned phone numbers and the associated features to manage them.

Provision Phone Numbers

  • Provision Phone Number – Create a new phone number to track
    • Label – Give the tracking number a name
    • Description – Provide an optional description
    • Default Routing Phone Number – What phone number to route inbound calls to
    • Phone Number Type – Choose to create a toll-free or localized phone number
    • Local Area Code – If you choose to provision a local number, enter the area code to use
    • Campaign – Which campaign to associate calls to this number (*create a campaign first by going to “settings”, “marketing”, “campaigns”)
  • Edit Phone Number – Edit the details of an existing phone number
  • Release Phone Number – Un-provision a phone number no longer needed. *Note that released numbers cannot be recovered.
  • Global Tracking Settings
    • Numbers to Provision – How many numbers to provision for visitor-level tracking
    • Default Phone Schedule – Which inbound call routing schedule to use for any numbers where a schedule is not selected
    • Default Routing Number – Which phone number to route calls to if no number is specified
    • Reverse Phone Lookup – Enables the feature to capture and add any caller-ID information (i.e. name, business name, address) to the contact.
      • Enhance Name/Address – Updates the contact record with the name and address obtained from caller-ID
      • Enable Success/Failure Options – When a reverse telephone lookup is successful in retrieving data, enable the following:
        • » Set Status on Success – Choose which status and substatus to set the contact to
        • » Update Field on Success – Choose which field to modify the value of upon success
        • » Set Value – Enter the field value to modify the chosen field with upon success
      • Field to Update – Which phone number field to update with the inbound caller’s number
      • Role of User to Route – User role to look for when choosing which assigned user to route a returning caller to
  • Website Integration Code – Script code for your website to track visitors and inbound calls

Released Phone Numbers

This section displays all of your previously provisioned phone numbers that have been released.

Phone Routing Schedules

This section displays all of your inbound phone routing schedules.

Phone Routing Schedule

  • Add Schedule – Create a new call routing schedule
    • Title – Give the schedule a name
    • Description – Provide an optional description
    • Default Routing Phone Number – What phone number to route inbound calls to outside of selected scheduled times
    • Daily Call Schedule – Choose the start and end times for each day of the week when inbound calls should be routed to a specified phone number
    • Phone Number – Enter the phone number where calls should be routed to within the specified timeframe for that day
    • Add New Schedule – Green add new schedule icon allows you to add more time periods to the same day.
    • Duplicate Down – The double-page duplicate down icon allows you to propagate the schedule settings for that day down through the rest of the days for the week
  • Edit Schedule – Edit the settings of an existing routing schedule
  • Delete Schedule – Permanently delete a routing schedule
  • Duplicate Schedule – Create a new call routing schedule by copying the settings of an existing schedule

If you have any questions or need assistance with this feature, feel free to contact our support staff for assistance.