Account Linking

If you have multiple user logins across multiple accounts, this feature is for you!   By linking your user logins together, you can quickly and easily log in and out of associated accounts without having to re-enter your username and password each time.  Account linking is also useful for quickly logging into user accounts across multiple user groups with varying ACL (Access Control List) permissions.

To start linking accounts, you must first be logged into one.  This first account we will refer to as account ‘A’.  You will also need to have the user ID numbers of the other user accounts you intend to link to.

Click the drop-down arrow attached to your user profile button in the upper-right corner and select “Manage Linked Accounts”.

Manage Linked Acounts

Here, enter the user ID(s) of the user you wish to request a link with and click “Add”. Multiple user IDs can be entered one at a time or together, separated with commas.

Account Linking Interface

Next, log into the second account, which we’ll call account ‘B’. Click the user profile drop-down arrow again and select “Managed Linked Accounts”. At the top, enter the user ID of account A and the IDs of any other users you wish to add (i.e. account C,D, etc.). In the bottom pane of the window called “Request to Link Accounts” you will see the account name/account ID and the user name/user ID of a requested link. In this case you should see the request from account A.

Click to highlight the link request and click either the “Approve” or “Decline” button immediately above.

Proceed as necessary by repeating these steps in any additional user accounts (i.e. log into account C and request a link from accounts A and B while approving their requests to you). After logging in to each account ONCE to request the links, you must return to each account a second time to approve any succeeding requests. If you were approving requests as you were submitting requests, you will not need to log into the last account you had requested from (i.e. if you logged into accounts A,B, and C requesting and approving links, you only need to return to accounts A and B to approve the requests from C).

All approved and unapproved links will be displayed in the middle pane labeled “Linked Accounts”.

Approve Link Requests

Once the linking process is complete, you will see a new button appear to the right of the support button labeled “Linked Accounts”. Click it and you will see a list of your linked user accounts. Select one and you will be prompted to log into that account.

Linked Accounts List

If you require additional support or training on this feature, contact customer service and we would be happy to help.