The Lead Management Software that Works Your Leads for You.

Give your sales team the tools they need to track all the data needed for proper analytics and nurturing. Save them time, and provide them with a greater ability to close new business when they are working leads that are qualified, and ready to buy.

Capture More and Better Leads

Create and test landing pages that will help you increase your conversion rates and more effectively reach your target market. Our integrated web form builder requires no CAPTCHA and is still 100% effective at filtering out those pesky spam-bots that auto-fill your forms.

Track and report on every lead source and focus on only those that are generating leads that turn into sales and generating the highest return on your advertising and content investments.

Get Leads to the Right Sales Person

Whether you assign and distribute leads according to territory or round-robin (or any other creative way), the Marketing Optimizer lead distribution technology will make sure that the right sales person gets the right calls routed to them every time.

We can even route inbound phone calls to the salesperson that last worked the lead, and the lead management system will pop the lead right in front of them when the call comes through.

New leads can be captured from almost any source

Website Feedback Forms
Inbound Phone Call
Lead Vendor Integration
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Automated Lead Management Software that Works

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Warm Up Leads to Improve Sales

Every lead you have, and every lead you generate, will be more likely to close by the Marketing Optimizer lead management technology. Once configured, you can just sit back and watch it nurture your leads until they are ready to be contacted by one of your sales staff.

When your staff does take a moment to contact the sales lead they will find it much easier to make the sale because their leads have already been sufficiently ‘warmed up’ by Marketing Optimizer.

Get the Big Picture in Real Time

The analytics and reporting system makes it easy to create custom ad-hoc reports and infographics that update in real-time. You’ll know how each sales person is performing, how effective each campaign is, and show true financial reports with just the click of a few buttons (it’s so easy it’s almost automatic).

Take this information and make changes to your marketing plan to further improve your sales, then repeat the process.

The Right Leads at the Right Time

After your leads have been warmed up with the lead nurturing automation you have configured in your account, your salespeople will find it easy to know which leads to call and what to do next with that prospect. The Lead Attention Meter™ provides a visual indicator of which sales are in danger of being lost due to neglect.

The powerful real-time filtering system will also make sure that once a lead is worked, it won’t show up in their list of people to call until it’s time to actually call the lead again.

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