Score Leads, Respond Smartly, and Attach Inbound Emails Automatically

Import Inbound Emails and Automate Your Marketing Your lead nurturing will be more effective as you score leads based on inbound emails, and your sales team will be empowered to work together to close more business.


Automatic Attachment to the Contact

Emails are attached to the lead when any contact in your database sends an email to any of member of your team. Just set up your POP3 settings in Marketing Optimizer, and we’ll check your email every couple minutes for new emails. You can view the emails that have arrived by looking at your Inbox, or attached to the lead as part of the lead detail.

Chances are that you already save most of the emails to and from your sales prospects, and that your sales team does, too. But what do you do when you want to know what was in the communications between one of your sales people and the lead.

Those emails aren’t in your Outlook, or in your webmail; they are in the email box of the people having the conversation. In order to facilitate the ability to always stay in-the-loop with what is happening with each contact, the emails attached to each lead are viewable all in one place.

Greater Visibility and Improved Communication

Regardless of who sent the email, any user that has access to the lead can see all the email communications with your company all in a single location. This takes away the guess-work of knowing how your sales lead is being handled, and you never have to try and remember what was said.