Guardian Oil & Gas – A CRM Case Study

Guardian Oil & Gas, Inc. is a privately held non operating oil and gas exploration and development company located in Southlake,  Texas (near DFW airport).

First established in 1996 as Mullins & White Energy, Inc., we generate our own prospects and actively seek non-operated industry prospects primarily in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast region. We prefer to venture with operating companies with broad engineering and operating experience and a proven track record of success. We believe we add value to any prospect in which we participate through our in house land and geoscience expertise.


The Need

 Guardian Oil & Gas needed a user friendly application that would be adopted as enthusiastically as possible by their sales rep, and had a few very specific technical requirements. These technical requirements included a complex integration with their legacy software, as well as the ability to capture leads from multiple sources.

 While cost was not a top priority, Marketing Optimizer easily came within their budget. The software needed some customization before going live, an upgraded duplicate contact removal system, and this was developed by our staff on-time.

“We had a business plan that required a unique set of functionality for our users. After initial consultation we were confident that the Marketing Optimizer development team could handle all of our needs. We were very pleased with the individual attention that we received from Marketing Optimizer, along with the expertise that they have onboard for consultation throughout the buying process. Our Marketing Optimizer team did a fantastic job informing us to our options due to the fact that We were a bit unsure as to what are initial needs were.”


The Implementation

The configuration and implementation process went more quickly than expected. The custom configuration was better than expected and was delivered on time to meet our need to find a good solution quickly. We didn’t have a clear idea of how to handle the implementation and on boarding process, but with the help of the support team we came up with solutions that ended up fitting perfectly in our business process. Once we had our employees properly trained on the software I received a overwhelming 98% approval rate on our new lead management software.

All of the initial needs were met for Guardian Oil & Gas just as they expected.

Their leads are now delivered from all of their sources to their agents that are currently logged in due to criteria such as: the state it is located, the campaign that it is related to, or simply who is the best suited agent to deal with that particular lead.

Their management now has detailed reporting informing them as to the performance of their users and the status of advertising campaigns. All of this is done while maintaining absolute security of all their data in the Marketing Optimizer system.

Each of the unique needs that Guardian required such as the de-duplication feature were met with current Marketing Optimizer current functionality or were added as a custom development for their account.

Easy Lead Management

The Results

Features such as the Lead Attention Meter are very popular with the sales team over at Guardian Oil & Gas.

Recommending Marketing Optimizer to anyone looking for sales lead management would be a no-brainer.
– Amanda Hendrick CRM Project Leader

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