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Michael Myles is the CEO of Active Internet Marketing. Active Internet Marketing has been providing marketing consultation and technology to the small and medium-sized business sector since 2001. Since then we have established ourselves as a premier provider of these services, achieving double-digit growth for each of the last 24 quarters. Our skill level is world class, and our efforts produce results.

Which Metrics You Must Track While A/B Testing

The web is constantly shifting, and the needs of your customers shifting with it.

In the scramble to provide them with your best products and services, you may be neglecting the […]

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4 Metrics You Must Use For Lead Scoring

All leads are not created equal. Just because you have, say, a customer’s email address doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ready to buy something.

On the other hand, you could have customers […]

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What is Lead Scoring?

Picture this: you’re selling vehicles, and you have a list that features over two hundred different leads, but you’re only allowed one day to try and make sales. How would […]

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10 Email Marketing Tips for Your Sales Team

Email communication is the modern version of direct mail. You wouldn’t leave out your signature or an intro greeting stating your purpose in a direct mail piece, so why would […]

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[Infographic] The Internet Marketing Optimization Process

The Internet Marketing Optimization Process is the process of tracking the marketing that you are currently engaged in, determining what’s working and what’s not, and automating what you can. It […]

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[Infographic] How Does Lead Management Help Business?

Lead management helps you ensure that captured leads are properly followed up on and guided through your pipeline. For instance, did you know that 30-50% of sales go to the […]

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Lead Management FAQs

As with any software change within a company, there are bound to be questions. The first in instituting any new or more developed program should be whether you need more […]

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Creating a Lead Management Program

First and foremost, you must capture the data from websites, phone calls, distributions centers, direct mail and landing pages. If these requirements sound like too much, it is what most […]

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The Basics of Lead Management

A lead management system is critical to success for any business.

Understanding where your leads are in the sales process, who is working a specific lead, and what the results of […]

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[Infographic] The Benefits of Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring: Nobody’s using it!

Reasons for Lead Scoring

A study of 10 B2B organizations found that lead scoring systems resulted in 30% higher deal closing rates, an 18% increase in company […]

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