Quick and Easy Lead Qualification

Your sales team will notice the higher quality.

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Qualify Leads with Confidence

By checking just a few characteristics of your sales leads you can weed out all the leads that are just aren’t qualified to be your client. Lead qualification is a simple 3-part task:

  • Make sure you offer what your prospects are looking for
  • Make sure that your prospects have the funds available to make a purchase
  • Confirm that they are looking to make a move within a time-frame you specify

Just Configure it Once

All of this is handled within configured automations that simply check the lead data (remember, we track and use every piece of data possible) for required or excluded characteristics. For instance, a tax attorney residing in Australia might only be interested in leads that are in Australia; any leads originating from other countries will be automatically dispositioned as ‘Out of Territory’ (this is a totally configurable label and it can say anything you want). We can do the same sort of simple lead filtering, dispositioning, and distributing in real-time, so your sales team doesn’t ever need to worry about it. Yes, that’s another huge time savings for everyone involved.