Send out new lead and sales notifications to your team automatically

By ‘everyone’ we mean ‘those people who want to know’. Whether you want to tell them there is a new lead, or that the lead has turned into a sale, we can send out a message in real-time via:

  • Screen-pop
  • Email
  • SMS text message
  • Phone call

It doesn’t have to be just one, you can send as many as you want to as many people as you would like.

Keep your customers and prospects informed

Notifying your prospects and customers of important events is an effective way to increase trust and improve customer loyalty, thereby increasing initial and repeat sales. For instance, perhaps your prospects want to know when you have added a feature that is a ‘must-have’ for their needs, or maybe your customers will want to know when their account is coming up for renewal. Of course it can be any message you choose, and is always tailored specifically to each market and client. Marketing Optimizer is a complete sales notifications software package that will help your team work far more effectively, and never miss a thing.

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