Web Analytics

Bring your web analytics into your sales reports

Most web analytics software products do not track past the simple conversion (in most cases this is a signup or lead capture). The problem is that when that the lead is then worked in a separate piece of software that won’t have the web metrics to work with. Marketing Optimizer is different: you have all of the web analytics data associated with each campaign and lead. This information is useful for campaign management and website optimization. You will be able to view reports that have financials, sales metrics, and web metrics in combination (i.e. Revenue-per-visitor-per-campaign).

Know more about your leads

You will have available to you all the browsing history of each web-generated lead in your system. When you make the call to the lead you will have nice tidbits of information about them like:

  • Where they found you (referrer)
  • What they are interested in (browsing path)
  • How interested they are (number of pageviews)
  • How long they have been looking at your company (repeat visits)

It’s just another tool that you can give your sales team to help them boost their close rates and better understand their prospects.